The city of Sioux Falls has far fewer deer in its city limits than it did about three months ago thanks to a recent population control effort held by Sioux Falls Animal Control.

KSFY TV reports that the operation began last year back on December 26 and just finished up on Thursday, (February 28) with Animal Control officers removing roughly 60 deer from the southeastern, western, and northeastern portions of the city.

Julie DeJong, a supervisor for Animal Control, told KSFY, in past years officers removed around 50 deer, but, after an increase in deer-vehicle accidents, it prompted Animal Control officials to thin the herd even more this time around.

One Sioux Falls homeowner's backyard sounded as if it was a Bambi breeding ground, as DeJong told KSFY that 16 deer alone were removed from just that one homeowner's backyard.

Sportsmen Against Hunger plan to donate all the meat harvested during the operation to local food banks.

Source: KSFY TV

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