The boom, boom, bap, of Queen's classic "We Will Rock You" was perfect for sampling in the rise of rap music through the 1980's and 1990's . In fact elements of the tune has turned up in numerous songs. According to, the 1977 hit has shown up in 130 songs.

Here is a collection of six of the best.

First up is my personal favorite time that "We Will Rock You" was sampled. The iconic beat is the base of the the lead track of of Ice Cube's 1993 album The Predator, "When Will They Shoot?"

From the serious street flavor of the early 90's we fast forward to the early 2000's and J-Kwon uses the beat to boost his hit "Tipsy."

I didn't even realize that this happened until I was researching this post, but Lady Gaga used the "We Will Rock You" beat in her song "You and I." It kicks in about one minute or so in.

Getting real old school, the Kool Moe Dee and the Treacherous Three "Gotta Rock" in 1985.

Keeping it in the 80's, I remember this song being on a compilation album called Rapmasters Volume 9: Best of the Hardcore. They sample the basic beat, but do a nice job of mixing it up and making it their own.

A remix of Sly Fox's mid-80s hit "Let's Go All the Way" incorporates several elements of "We Will Rock You," as well as "A Fly Girl" by Boogie Boys.

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