On Super Bowl Sunday I come for the movie trailers (Jurassic World, Solo!), stay for the commercials, and occasionally put my book down to watch some of the game. In Sunday's Super Bowl 52 there was a great Dodge Ram commercial.

It had some generic Hollywood-type Vikings making their way to Minneapolis, ready to cheer their namesakes on. But, alas, Odin didn't smile on their journey and the Norsemen had to Turn around. The tag of the ad is "built for the unexpected."

The best part of the spot, though, is the music! The soundtrack is a fast version of the Queen classic "We Will Rock You."

Let me save you some Googling. It is not a remix or some mashup creation by a DJ/producer. It's a version by Queen themselves. They'd often start their shows in the late 70's and early 80's with it. A recording of it from their world tour in early 1979 can be found on their album Live Killers.

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