Many professional athletes have multiple talents. Did you know there is a wide receiver on the Minnesota Vikings that is also a music recording artist?

The Minnesota Vikings shared on their YouTube page that one of their receivers is not only living out his dream as a professional football player, but also following his dream of being a musician.

Blake Proehl is a 23 year-old from North Carolina just living out his two dreams. Proehl was signed by the Vikings as an undrafted free agent after the 2021 NFL Draft. He was placed on injured reserve after hurting his knee. While rehabilitating his injury, he rediscovered his love of music and posted a video of him singing to his grandma that went viral.

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That video is so cute and I love grandma's reaction at the end. Maybe you heard of Blake's dad, Ricky Proehl. Ricky was also a wide receiver in the NFL playing 17 seasons with six teams including the Cardinals, Rams, Panthers, Seahawks, Bears, and Colts. He also won two championships, one with the Rams and one with the Colts.

Blake's brother, Austin also plays in the NFL as a wide receiver for the New York Giants. So you could say playing a professional wide receiver runs in the family.

The Vikings recently shared Blake's first performance as an artist and you can check out that video below:

This is so cool and maybe the Vikings will have some fun with Blake's other passion. Speaking of the Vikes, check out the worst and best QBs that have played in Minnesota:

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