An argument can be made that the COVID-19 pandemic has made it increasingly difficult to tell who's the bad guy when it comes to armed robberies these days since almost everyone is wearing a mask.

One thing is for sure it's definitely helped criminals not look so conspicuous when they're out in public.

I see the ATF is now offering a tidy sum of cash to the first person who can provide them some credible information on helping to find the suspect responsible for knocking off the Get N'Go convenience store at 611 South Cliff Avenue on Wednesday (May 6).

Dakota News Now is reporting authorities have upped the reward amount that is tied to the Sioux Falls gas station robbery.

The original reward amount being offered was $1500. Now, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives has increased the reward money to $5,000, according to Dakota News Now.

Sioux Falls police say they haven't received any tips yet regarding the identity of the person who held up the convenience store at gunpoint.

The South Cliff Avenue Sioux Falls Get N' Go robbery happened around 2:20 Wednesday morning (May 6).

Dakota News Now reports the suspect in question is described as being around 5'8" tall and weighing about 250 pounds. He was wearing a blue mask and black clothing at the time of the robbery.

Should you have a tip that pertains to this case that you would like to pass along to authorities, you can do so by calling (605) 367-7007 or by visiting this website.

Source: Dakota News Now

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