It's certainly refreshing to come across people and in many cases, businesses doing good deeds for others. Well, one family traveling through Sioux Falls was the recipient of this type of goodwill gesture at the Get-N-Go gas station off of Cliff Avenue.

The employees at Get-N-Go gas station #22 deserve a service award for helping this out-of-state family find a wallet they thought was lost forever. Instead of keeping the wallet containing a considerable amount of cash and a collection of credit cards, the employees returned this wallet to its rightful owner.

The McGrath family from Illinois is truly grateful for this gracious act demonstrated by these Get-N-Go employees. It just goes to show you that there are kind people in this world especially right here in South Dakota!

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Full disclosure: I am really good friends with the McGrath family. The family actually resides about a mile and a half from my childhood home! I knew that they were traveling through the state of South Dakota.  When they told me about this unfortunate situation, I thought the great employees from Get-N-Go station #22 certainly deserved some sort of recognition.

The McGrath family was really close to canceling all cards when they finally caught a break!  The family contacted every business they visited along their route back home. They believe another good samaritan actually found the wallet at the Get-N-Go location on Cliff Avenue and then turned it in to the Get-N-Go attendants. The Get-N-Go employees were clearly more than happy to return it to its rightful owner.

The McGrath family is really in awe of how honest and helpful the people of South Dakota are.  In fact, they would love to know who returned the wallet, so they can give the individual an appropriate thank you!  If the person who returned the wallet is reading this article, feel free to email me at!

Well done South Dakota and the employees at the Get-N-Go gas station!

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