Thanks to the quick response of a Sioux Falls bank employee and Sioux Falls law enforcement, a potential bank robbery was thwarted on Tuesday morning (August 23) while it was still underway.

On Wednesday, police announced that they took the man responsible for attempting to rob a Sioux Falls bank late Tuesday morning into custody before the suspect even had a chance to leave the scene of the crime.

Dakota News Now is reporting that authorities arrested 22-year-old Ayub Mohamed of Sioux Falls while still inside a bank located on Rice Street and Cliff Avenue.

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According to Dakota News Now, Mohamed walked into the bank shortly before 11:00 that morning, claiming to have both a gun and a bomb, and announced that he intended to rob the financial institution.

One of the bank's employees was able to quickly send a silent alarm to law enforcement, notifying them that a robbery was underway.


While inside the bank, the suspect was able to load up a backpack he was carrying with some cash then proceeded to ask a customer inside the bank for the keys to their car. That little getaway plan didn't go quite as expected, as there were just enough delays throughout the entire process to allow law enforcement officers to arrive at the scene before Mohamed was able to make a successful getaway.

Mohamed is now facing two counts of robbery and one count of committing a felony with a firearm.

Dakota News Now is reporting that police found a package outside the bank believed to be the bomb Mohamed claimed he was carrying. As a precaution, authorities ended up closing down the intersection of Rice Street and Cliff Ave for a few hours while the bomb squad conducted their investigation. The suspicious package ended up not being an explosive device, and traffic resumed in the area around 2:30 on Tuesday afternoon.

Source: Dakota News Now


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