If you love wide open spaces then I have a few ideas for you on where to put your moldy money. Try the western part of South Dakota. Not only would these be prime investments but just think about the fact that when you set out for a walk, a drive, or saddle up a horse you won't have to worry about leaving your property for the day. Or two, or six.

Can you even fathom the fact that one ranch in Butte County spans almost 48,000 acres? The Bismarck Trail Ranch has quite the history that is traced back to the days of the Black Hills Gold Rush.

There is no limit to what is offered here from farming to ranching cattle. Recreation and hunting land.

This past September while on vacation my wife and I found ourselves west of the Spearfish area and taking a day-trip up to Belle Fourche we discovered just how far you can see on a clear day without any obstacles. Miles and miles of wide-open beauty.

So take a look below and think about these after your winning numbers come in:

Bismarck Trail Ranch-47,883 acres in Butte County $41,150,000
Northern Plains Grassland and Cattle Ranch-25,975 acres in Butte County $23,999,000
Bolln Ranch-21,810 acres in Fall River County
Recreational, Hunting, Farming-7,839 acres in Haakon County
Ridge View Ranch-7,317 acres in Perkins County

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Source: Landwatch.com

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