Zombies are popular. Millions flock to the movie theater's to see them. Millions more love The Walking Dead  on television. Zombies are fun!

Except these Zombies aren't the fun kind up on the big screen. These Zombies are little guys and they're not good for you at all.

They're generally called 'Zombie Cells', but the medical term doctor's use is Senescent Cells. The start out like normal human cells but then something goes haywire and they become, well...a zombie cell. They enter a state of suspended animation and then release chemicals that can harm nearby cells. The good kind.

And that's where the trouble starts.

You see, these 'Zombie Cells' can increase a whole list of conditions like Alzheimer's, enlargement of the heart, Diabetes, cataracts and more. And studies also have shown a direct tie between these 'Zombies' and aging.

All bad news, right?

Well, no. The Mayo Clinic is reporting that tests they are conducting are having positive results. Now, those test subjects are mice. But it's a promising start in battling these Zombie Cells.

And The Guardian has a great article about the on-going therapies dealing with these so-called Zombie cells.

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