Parker South Dakota is the county seat of Turner County. Parker is just 30 minutes from Sioux Falls and is the home to more than 1,000 of the most friendly people in South Dakota.

According to Wikipedia, Parker was established at the county seat in 1879 and was incorporated in 1883. Parker was the maiden name of a railroad official's wife. This is just one of many South Dakota town names that are in some way derived from the railroad.

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When writing these stories, I typically learn something new. For example, the first Turner County Fair was held in 1880 making it the oldest county fair in South Dakota. I wonder if they had a Tilt-A-Whirl back then?

The 2021 Turner County Fair is August 16-19.

YouTuber Carsen Bower from South Dakota Drone is back with another eagle-eye video tour. This time he takes us in the sky over Parker. See the Turner County Courthouse, the Turner County Fairgrounds, a trip down Main Street, Parker Ford, Ace Hardware, and the Parker High School and track. Carsen even caught a train going through town.

If you live in Parker, see if you can spot your house!

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