This morning on the show we came across a hashtag that was going viral and we thought it could be fun.

Our listeners had some really funny ones. We couldn't get to all of them on the air, so I thought I'd share some of the best here:

Are you on your way yet?

"But will you get sleep?"

My last text - at least I don't have to get up early

My last text was "omg he sicked. His dog. On me

Tombstone: "I took it with me!"

Tombstone: Well, taking a bath didn't help as much as I was hoping.

Over my dead body! Oh wait.....

Is it bedtime

I can't lay here much longer I have to pee! I was at the dentist

 I'm not going anywhere, you know where to find me 😂😂😂

 My last text was “that’s what she said” ....perfect

 My last text was, “I’m ok!! I’ve been stressed.” Lollllllll

"Damn it, Jake."

Mine would be "Figured you'd like that!!"

'whatever is easiest'

"It will all get better" Either really dark or funny lol

My tombstone would say "K."

What would your last text/tombstone read?

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