This morning on the show we discussed the first celebrity crush you had. The first person that made you go, "Wait, what is this feeling?" as a kid.

For me, it was Jonathan Taylor Thomas. He was the first poster up on my wall! (Well, besides The Little Mermaid.)

He was so cute and we had a date every week when I watched Home Improvement. Obviously, JTT was the first of many. Then came Devon Sawa, Hanson, and Backstreet Boys and NSYNC.

Listeners had some great responses as well.

  • Omg. Scott Baio. Still the only guy I'd leave my husband for.
  • Erik Estrada - CHIPS My 9-year-old heart couldn't take it.
  • I was OBSESSED with Zac from Hanson
  • Devon Sawa in Now and Then and Casper! Ahhh! In the mid-90s I was 12-13 years old.
  • My first crush was Jeremy Sumpter from the Peter Pan movie. I was so obsessed I literally typed out that entire movie in Word on my laptop 😬 carried his picture in my school binder and had a phone case made with his pictures on it.
  • Mario Lopez Saved by Bell
  •  Lindsey Lohan - The Parent Trap
  • Lance Bass 😂 Went back and forth with JT  Lol
  • George Clooney- ER. I was a tad bit young for him. Haha But Carter was a little younger and equally attractive  😂😂
  • Hillary Duff, Lizzie McGuire Movie
  • Two. Complete opposites. Jonathan Brandis and Devonte from the group Jodeci
  •  I STILL have a huge crush on Joshua Jackson. Pacey on Dawson's Creek... 😍 Then Fringe... now Little Fires Everywhere.
  •  Alan Jackson in those ripped jeans water skiing on the chattahoochee. Changed my life
  •  Jesse McCartney - when I met him in Sioux Falls my senior year, my 2nd-grade dreams came true. I was obsessed!
  •  Chad Michael Murray! In that one movie with Hilary Duff. 
  • Larisa Oleynik in Secret World of Alex Mack. Else Sunny from WWF
  •  The whole group Five

You guys, I forgot all about Five! Remember them?

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