Some people look at them as a sign of their personality. Others get them to symbolize something in their lives. And others think they are just cool.

Whether you like them or hate them, it seems that everyone knows someone that has a tattoo (or three!) or simply wants to get a tattoo themselves.

For many years, people have been frowned upon for having ink. But according to a Harris Poll survey, 21% of grown-up men and women in the United States are now sporting tattoos. That is more than one in five of all adults in the nation.

The age group with the most tattoos is men and women between the ages of 30 and 39-years old. The percentage of grown-ups in this age bracket with at least one tattoo goes up from 21% nationwide to 38%.

But as more people decide to get their first tattoo, or maybe add on to their growing collection, the problem becomes not only where to position it on their body, but also who to trust to put it on their body.

South Dakota is known for Mount Rushmore, the Corn Palace and the Falls of Sioux Falls, but many might not know that the state of South Dakota has over 40 tattoo shops located in and around the state.  And now thanks to Tattoo Shop Finder, it has become even easier to find a trustworthy tattoo shop for something that will be permanently placed on your body.

Tattoo Shop Finder compiled data and read reviews and of the 40+ tattoo shops in South Dakota, the top five are located in Sioux Falls.  Tattoo Shop Finder points out that many of the shops were located in smaller towns and because of that, may not have received the good reviews they might deserve if they had been located in bigger cities.  Tattoo Shop Finder says,

Sioux Falls holds all the shops in our Top 5 Countdown of the Best Tattoo Shops in SD. This doesn’t mean that other shops are not worthy to visit, we’re just saying that these are the highest rated.

By the way, while some love their tattoos, there are those that have 'tattoo-regret'.  According to the same Harris Poll survey mentioned above, only about 14% of those that get a tattoo regret having it done.

Check out Tattoo Shop Finder's reviews before deciding on getting your first (or next) tattoo.

  • 1

    Red Arbor Tattoos & Fine Art

    According to awesome reviews and a perfect five-star rating, Sioux Falls' Red Arbor Tattoo, received the top spot.  Located at 6232 S. Pinnacle Place, Suite 204, in Sioux Falls, the artists in this shop can create and tattoo just about anything you can imagine.

    Tammy KIKN
  • 2

    Prophecy Tattoo/Trademark Tattoo

    Located at 1406 South Minnesota Avenue in Sioux Falls,  Prophecy Tattoo/Trademark Tattoo can boast about outstanding, award winning work from artist Jon Gamache.

    Tammy KIKN
  • 3

    Ink & Iron Tattoos

    Well-known for creating great custom pieces, Tattoo Shop Finder ranks Ink & Iron Tattoos at number three.  Located at 510 South Cleveland Avenue in Sioux Falls, the crew at Ink & Iron can tattoo just about anything you can think of.

    Tammy KIKN
  • 4

    Alien & Co. Tattoo Shop

    With award winning artists on hand each day they’re open, it's guaranteed that you will be getting a great quality tattoo.  Alien & Co. Tattoo Shop is located at 738 South 1st Avenue in Sioux Falls.  According to Tattoo Shop Finder, getting a great tattoo is not as difficult as you might think with Alien & Co

    Tammy KIKN
  • 5

    Electric Crayon

    According to Tattoo Shop Finder, the number five spot goes to the artists at Electric Crayon.  Located at 1407 West 12th Street in Sioux Falls, these artists can really tattoo just about anything that walks into the shop.

    Tammy KIKN