Thanksgiving is normally a time to get together with loved ones and share a delicious meal.  But that tradition could be a bit different this year thanks to COVID-19.

No matter how you plan to spend your Thanksgiving this year, food will still be the center of attention.  This dinner is probably the one day of the year no one judges the amount of food on your plate.

I am totally aware of the fact Thanksgiving is about being thankful for anything life has given you, however, let's be realistic.  Everyone always truly looks forward to the Thanksgiving turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, and a whole lot of pie!

To give you an idea of the perfect Thanksgiving feast, For The Win from USA Today Sports gives you the Top Ten foods you must feature at your feast.

You Need To Have These 10 Foods On Your Thanksgiving Table

What food is always on your Thanksgiving table?

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CDC Safe Holiday Recommendations


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