A former controversial South Dakota Republican State Senator is creating a stir after making a TikTok video that has gone viral.

One-time South Dakota State Senator Lynne DiSanto created a TikTok video that highlights all the "freedoms" that South Dakota has to offer. Lynne DiSanto's video indicates the unique aspects of living in the state and also some contentious topics in recent years. The social media clip includes the fact there was never a statewide mask mandate implemented in South Dakota.

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The name Lynne DiSanto should sound familiar to some South Dakota residents. In September of 2020, KEVN Black Hills reported that Lynne was "charged for false reporting of strangulation." The claims were made against her ex-husband Mark DiSanto. The Rapid City Journal later reported that Lynne pleaded "no contest" in March of 2021.

Lynne DiSanto titles her video "Things We Can Do In South Dakota." She lists the following freedoms that South Dakota takes pride in:

  • Gas stations that have casinos inside.
  • Not locking your door every time you leave the house. (This one is scary to me.)
  • Having dogs go outside without a leash. (Not really really the safest option for our furry friends.)
  • The ability to purchase alcohol seven days a week.
  • Legally driving 80 mph on South Dakota interstates.
  • Owning a....(Lynne doesn't really explain this part. However, I'm assuming it's owning a gun.)
  • Being able to start driving when you're 14-years-old.
  • Riding a motorcycle without wearing a helmet. (Again...I don't think that's the safest idea either.)
  • Finally, no mask mandate in the state since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lynne challenges her TikTok followers by adding that she believes other states do not enjoy half the freedoms South Dakota has.

What do you think? Do South Dakota's freedoms outshine what the rest of the country has to offer?


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