My friends over at The Goodnight Theatre Collective have been working very hard on their newest original production, Alvin Fletcher's Surprise 34th Birthday Party.

I believe this is the third original music from The Goodnight Theatre Collective. Previous originals were David & Lucy and Daytime.

Alvin Fletcher's Surprise 34th Birthday Party is described on their website as, "Following the mayhem that ensues in the lead-up to a surprise party once skeletons start slipping out of the closet amongst a group of friends..."

I don't know about you, but I'm intrigued!

All shows are at the Icon Lounge. Opening night is Thursday, March 5 at 7:30! There are also shows Friday and Saturday night as well as a matinee on Sunday!

All shows are 18+ and tickets are $30 at the door. However, if you buy your ticket ahead of time you can save a few bucks!

One thing The Goodnight Theatre Collective does at all their shows, whether it be a cabaret or an original, it offers a signature cocktail!

I'm a sucker for a signature cocktail!

Also, I feel more invested somehow in this show because I turned 34 this year and no one has yet to throw me a surprise party. Whatever, it's fine. I'm totally over it.

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