This is the one where a group of great singers and actors poke fun at one of TV's biggest sitcoms!

Friends! The Musical Parody opened at the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Sioux Falls last night (October 7).

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I must say, going in, I wasn't sure what to expect. I watched Friends, but I am by no means a superfan. And what exactly does 'musical parody' mean?

Well, it means laughing a lot. The show pokes fun at Friends' ridiculous storylines, all the characters' crutches and catchphrases, and even a few jabs at the real-life people who played them.

The production somehow sums up 10 seasons of TV in about two hours. Impressive.

All your favorite moments are paid homage like the 'pivot' episode and 'they don't know we know they know' episode. Plus, tons of lobster references, hanging out at Central Perk, and turkey heads.

The whole cast was great and had amazing voices, but I have to spotlight Sami Griffith who plays Rachel. She really got down Jennifer Aniston's mannerisms and vocal patterns. The same with Jenna Cormey as Phoebe. She was spot on.

A huge kudos goes out to AC Rutherford that plays Chandler and every other 'guest star'. Yes, that's right, one guy plays Janice, Richard (Tom Selleck), Marcel the monkey, and Paolo.

It is a musical comedy so there is plenty of music, but you will not hear "I'll Be There For You" by The Rembrandts or "Smelly Cat" from the show. However, they do joke about those songs and use parts of those songs in other clever ways. There are also a lot of 90s references in general. Come early and hear some of the biggest hits from the 90s while you wait.

There are also fun nods to the Broadway shows Chicago and Rent during the show.

The show is full of adult situations and has some colorful language so use your best judgment about what is appropriate for your family.

Friends! The Musical Parody runs through Sunday, October 10 and the best news is tickets are still available. $25 tickets are available using the promo code: FRIENDS. For tickets click here.

FRIENDS! The Musical Parody


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