In an effort to revitalize the kids' entertainment venue Chuck E. Cheese is ditching it's robotic band. In an interview with CBS News earlier this week, CEO Tom Leverton said that kids are growing up in a more sophisticated media world so the robotic band seems a bit antique to many children.

It's sad in a way. Kids used to wait in a big circle waiting for the jagged-movement mouse to "come to life" and start belting out a birthday song into his over-sized microphone. Show off. Now, he's largely ignored in favor of high-tech games and flashy videos.

Well, that's one less nightmare. How many times have you helped your child organize their prize tickets only to find Chuck E.'s eyes following you.

In Sioux Falls, Chuck E. Cheese has been a solo act for quite some time, but in other markets an entire band accompanies the animatronic group.

I'm sure our local Chuck E. Cheese will hang around for a while. But we'll wait and see. Some are taking it better than others.

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