It looks like Chuck E. Cheese has fooled the coronavirus pandemic and has found a way to keep its restaurant operations in business.

In an effort to comply with the social distancing guidelines, Dakota News Now is reporting that Chuck E. Cheese is still delivering pizzas under a new character's name...Pasqually’s Pizza and Wings.  Interesting.  Well played're not an average mouse after all!

A representative from the child-centered establishment told Food and Wine Magazine that Pasqually’s Pizza and Wings is sharing the kitchen with the Chuck E. Cheese restaurant.  Don't worry.  Kids and families are still receiving that quality, authentic Chuck E. Cheese pizza.  The only difference is the crust.

Apparently, Pasqually’s pizza has a thicker crust and has more sauce for all the extra sauce lovers out there.  Unfortunately, the entire Chuck E. Cheese's restaurant menu is not included in this new arrangement.

Pasqually’s Pizza and Wings is only offering delivery services.  Additionally, Chuck E. Cheese pizza lovers can only order a certain selection of pizzas.  But, thankfully, the chocolate chip cookie pizza, wings, and cheesy bread are available on the modified menu!

There is only one Chuck E. Cheese location in Sioux Falls.  The national chain's restaurant is located right along South Louise Avenue.

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