In South Dakota we love our meat and potatoes; the two go hand and hand in our diets.

We here in the Midwest along with the rest of the world also have our cravings for pizza too. I would even say that most of us probably have pizza about once a week on average.

While on a trip to the Twin Cities last year a friend had asked me if we wanted to get Baked Potato Pizza for dinner. And I thought that's a thing? What would even be on a baked potato pizza? Would it even taste like a traditional pizza? Who came up with this comfort food combo?

Boy was it worth the risk and I think that it would become a new South Dakota favorite if we had a place in town that offered it on their menu!

The restaurant we tried the pizza at was Pizza Luce who added their own take on the Baked Potato Pizza.

Pizza Luce puts butter garlic baby red mashed potatoes on the crust as the base, and tops it off with tomatoes, broccoli, bacon bits, cheddar cheese and serves the pizza with a side of sour cream.

But here's where I think we in the 605 could add our own spin to it. Get rid of the tomatoes add some melted cheddar cheese on top, add some green onion, and of course double the bacon bits! Feel free to leave the broccoli on there as the garnish.

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