There is no doubt that the financial effects on Easter 2020 celebrations will be evident in reports to come. But people will still celebrate Easter, parents still want to see their children smile on Easter morning and the Easter Bunny will still mischievously hide colored eggs around the house and yard.

This year due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic the National Retail Federation is not publishing its yearly report on Easter candy. The fact is that the survey was taken in very early March, and they feel that it won't be accurate now.

Last year, people spent around 2.5 billion dollars on Easter candy, which believe it or not was down from 2018, and yet, that is still a lot of jelly beans!

According to Candystore (a one-stop online candy shop), people spend as much, if not more money on candy at Easter, than they do at Halloween.

Even people who don't celebrate Easter, buy Easter candy. 90 million chocolate Easter bunnies are made every year. 87% of people surveyed by Candystore (in 2019) said they would be putting together Easter baskets for their kids. Not surprisingly 81% of those parents will then steal candy from their kids' baskets!

And people have very strong opinions about what the worst and best Easter candies are. So here, with apologies to anyone who loves them, (and honestly, I don't even recognize some of these!) are the worst Easter candies of all time.

  1. Cadbury Creme Eggs - My nephew Anthony has loved these since he was tiny & still does. To me, the only good thing about them is the old commercial with the clucking bunny!
  2. Peeps - I know I'm in a minority, but it's a huge minority--who loves Peeps. Peeps rule!
  3. Solid chocolate bunnies - Are people responding to this poll insane??!! (And, they hate them more this year, than they did last year).
  4. Bunny Corn/Easter candy corn - Yuck, yuck & yuck!
  5. Chicks & Rabbits Marshmallow Candy - These are basically Circus Peanuts in barely recognizable Easter shapes. (Eeuuww!)
  6. Chocolate crosses - This is just a whole lot of weird, to me. ("Here you go little Susie, a chocolate crucifix, just for you!")
  7. Twix Eggs - New to the list this year, people indicated they didn't care for having one of their favorite candies crafted into an Easter egg shape. (Uh -what?)
  8. Peeps Hot Tamales - This is the second Peeps appearance on the list this year.
  9. Jelly beans - Really? Jelly beans are as much a part of Easter as - - Easter! (Gourmet flavors are still on the best list, however).
  10. Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy Tails - If you love cotton candy, you'll probably love this. (If you don't, you could use it to amuse yourself in your fire pit!)

Those are the worst, but Cadbury also won for the best Easter candy, and that would be their Cadbury Mini-Eggs, which landed in the top spot.

You can see both lists at Candystore.

Sources: National Retail Federation and Candystore

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