A survey asked people what was the worst Christmas gift they ever received. The answers were a little vague. The top three answers were sweaters, ugly clothing, and socks.

We asked people to call or text in their worst gifts. If you think an ugly Christmas sweater or underwear is bad, we heard about some that were much worse. Here were the best answers:

  • A wine gift card when I was 20. It expired a day before my 21st birthday.
  • I have never been interested in tools nor do I know anything about them. My mom got me a screwdriver...I ended up losing it the day after.
  • I had a boyfriend who got me camp coveralls...in his size...so basically he gave me nothing. (After asking if they were still together she replied "Hell no!")
  • My sister got peanut butter and jelly for Christmas. She was such a picky eater that's all she ever wanted to eat.
  • My wife gave me a wine fridge.... I've never drank wine and don't like it.
  • Paint scraper.
  • My cat left a little over half of a mouse under the tree a few years ago. Thanks, Santa Paws, but next time leave the top half.
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