Is there a word you always spell wrong the first time you try to type it? You probably do, even if you can't think of one.

I saw a thread on AskReddit entitled "What word can you never spell correctly the first time?" I immediately responded to it with "separate." I always want to spell it "seperate," which is wrong but looks right to my eye.

We talked about this on the show this morning and here are some of the texts we got.

  • Opportunity is a word I have trouble with. I want to put a u instead of an o the middle.
  • Does really have to lls or just one? I get that one confused.
  • I mess up cappuccino and interpreter. I do some Spanish interpreting and mess up the er.
  • Solider! Trick for desert 🌵 and dessert 🍨.. the emojis pop up for the right one.
  • License..... i always mix the s and c up
  • Vacuum gets me every time
  • I work in the glasses place and  have been spelling Sapphire wrong for at least 2 years.
  • Kindergarten
  • Diarrhea
  • Wednesday. Still say Wed-ness-day to myself.
  • I always forget if it's 'canceled' or 'cancelled'

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