I'm not sure eating ten pounds of anything in one sitting is a good idea. Don't tell that to this girl.

A woman named Nela Zisser is a competitive eater. She did a "Girls vs Food" game where she tries to eat ten pounds of canned spaghetti.

I hope she makes lots of YouTube money off of this video because for me to eat as much as she did in the few minutes it took her to eat it, I would have to get paid a buttload of money!

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She doesn't just eat the crappy pasta straight up. She adds some butter, Parmesan cheese, and some seasonings to give it some flavor. Despite these attempts to polish a turd, she still says that it was disgusting.

Now if that bowl was full of orange sherbet, I am supremely confident that I could crush that, but not in four minutes. Brain freeze is dangerous.

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