Imagine being in a nail salon, getting your cuticles worked on, and a woman pulls some meat from a cooler and starts cutting on it.

That was exactly what happened at a nail salon in High Point, North Carolina. A woman named Morgan Taylor was in there when one of the employees started multi-tasking by getting some meat cutting in along with the nail painting.

Of the two things happening in this story, being in a nail salon is far more foreign to me. I've cut up plenty of deer and an antelope. I'm all for butchering your own deer. It saves money, you can get it done the way you like it, and you know for sure you are getting your animal back.

It's unclear if there are any safety rules being violated.

The Board of Cosmetic Arts said it has never had a case like this before, and it is trying to determine if the nail salon violated any existing codes.

It's weird. It may not be unsafe, but it's weird. It might be more unsafe for the meat to have nail gunk and soakings flying around, I don't know. But it's weird. The thing I'm most perplexed by is that she is doing it on the floor in the salon. A floor anywhere would do. Why in the salon? A table would be superior for cutting up meat. A counter would be better. Like I said, it's weird.

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