District 8 Representative Mathew Wollmann of Madison submitted his resignation on Monday January 23, just days after admitting he had sex with a Legislative Intern in 2015 and another in 2016:

But no matter what successes a man or woman achieves, it is their failures that they remember the most. Human beings unlike any other animal on this planet are constantly reminded of their shortcomings, and pay for them two-fold. I do not condone what I have done. I have embarrassed this institution that I care so deeply for, my party, my family, my friends, and myself.

KJAM News in Madison reported that they received a copy of the resignation letter.

Despite the Wolmann's resignation, it is uncertain if the nine House members investigating his conduct could still issue a reprimand or punishment.

A letter has been sent to all 2015 and 2016 Legislative Interns to appear at the Capital Building January 24 at the committee meeting tomorrow if they would like to report any sexual misconduct.

In an e-mail from Senator Stace Nelson to Legislative Research Council Director Jason Hancock on November 25, 2016 concerns over misconduct were noted:

I am concerned about reports that a sitting legislator has been sexually preying on page/interns.  It was my understanding that such misconduct was an explicit violation of legislator ethical conduct.  What has been done to rectify this disgraceful misconduct and what are the liabilities for SD and legislators for these past acts? For future violations?

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