The altercation between a man and woman drew a lot of attention which eventually led to an arrest soon after the incident.

Sioux Falls Police Public Information Officer Sam Clemens says it happened about 8:30 PM on Friday in the parking lot of the Walmart location on South Louise Avenue.

“About four or five people saw a man and a woman struggling. He was basically trying to force her into the car. At one point, she went limp to (make it more difficult). He shoved her into the car and was able to get the door closed and they drove away.”

The witnesses started to give chase, but weren’t able to keep up with the suspect. Clemens says enough information was given to narrow the focus for investigators.

“Thankfully (witnesses) did a really good job of getting a description of both the man and the woman, the car and most of the license plate. Metro Communications were able to figure out that last digit, dispatchers passed that on to the police department and eventually we were able to find them in the Good Samaritan lot near 57th Street and Solberg Avenue.”

The woman was not seriously hurt but did seek medical attention for some minor back and leg pain.

The 25-year old suspect is charged with second-degree kidnapping, simple assault-domestic and false imprisonment. He is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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