One week ago I watered my entire garden for the first time since we had been having such good consistent rains.  Wow, have things changed! South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard has activated the State Drought Task Force.

For those of you who don't know what that is, members of the task force coordinate the exchange of drought information among government agencies as well as agriculture, fire and water-supply organizations.

Officials use this information to better monitor the development and seriousness of drought and its impact on economic sectors of the state.

According to the Governors office:

The latest U.S. Drought Monitor indicates that abnormally dry conditions can be found in western, south central and eastern parts of South Dakota. Moderate and severe drought conditions are found in central, north central and western South Dakota as well as in the extreme northeast part of the state. There are still areas of the state not considered to be in a drought.

With the dry hot conditions here in the Sioux Falls area and temperatures expected to nudge up to 100 degrees this weekend, stay hydrated, and limit your pets time outside.

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