I don't know about your yard, but mine is getting a little crispy.

The lack of any significant precipitation these past few months, coupled with this extreme heat, is doing a number on yards all over the Sioux Empire.

Technically here in Sioux Falls, we are only experiencing moderate drought conditions at this time. However, a few more weeks of cooking in Mother Nature's outdoor oven should change our status rather quickly.

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When you think about it, there are a few positives that go along with drought-like conditions. You don't need to mow as often, which affords you extra time to do other fun summertime activities, like drink beer or go to the lake. Both of which beat the heck out of pushing around a mower in 90-degree heat any day of the week.

If you happen to fall into the lawn Nazi category and find yourself continually agonizing over your yard, this summer has to be driving you crazy? I would imagine every little brown spot that appears on your lawn probably makes you want to grab a firehose and douse your yard with about 100 gallons of water?

All this hot, dry weather begs the question, what can a person do to at least try to keep their lawn looking halfway respectable during a drought-filled summer?

According to the experts at The Spruce, the best thing you can do is to stay off your lawn. Here's no surprise, drought conditions are extremely stressful on your yard. Staying off your lawn when it's hot and dry is key. They recommend you refrain from projects like frequent mowing and aerating. Doing that will help your grass retain all the moisture it can.

When you do decide to cut your lawn, make sure you keep your grass as high as possible. Three to four inches in length is ideal. Also, keep the blades on your lawnmower sharp. Dull blades can rip your grass out by its roots.

When it comes to watering your yard, here are a few things to keep in mind. Deep, infrequent waterings between the hours of 3:00 AM and 6:00 AM are recommended.

Early morning waterings reduce the chances of evaporation, allowing your grass to retain the moisture it needs to thrive. If you have been watering your yard on a frequent basis, continue to do so while observing your city's lawn watering restrictions.

By the way, when you occasionally water your lawn, it actually ends up hurting your yard. So, make sure you stick to a consistent lawn watering schedule if you can afford it.

Having to pay your water bill during a summer with drought conditions is a whole different story. Trust me, no one is looking forward to getting their utility bills this summer.

In case you haven't noticed, there's no relief in sight. The long-range forecast for Sioux Falls isn't exactly a super soaker. With the exception of Saturday night and Sunday, there isn't a drop of precipitation mentioned over the next 10-days.

It's starting to look as if this is going to be one long, dry scorcher of a summer. Best of luck to you and your lawn!

Source: The Spruce

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