LeMars may be the Ice Cream Capital of the World, but one can not live on ice cream alone. The other part of a well-balanced diet is, of course, beer.

Fun fact: I lived in LeMars for a year or so after college and I was back for a wedding recently, and boy has that placed changed since I lived there. One of the many new additions is Wise I Brewing.

Wise I is located at 15 2nd Street Northeast in Le Mars.

According to their Facebook page, the name comes from, " In reference to local prohibitionist Ida B. Wise, and the great state of Iowa, we hope that you always Drink Wisely."

So, I looked up Ida B. Wise and she was from Hamburg, Iowa. Presidents Herbert Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt had her on their conferences for Children Health and Protection. She was also a supporter of women's suffrage and worked for children's welfare, which are all great things. But, nobody is perfect. She was a big advocate for abolition and had a key hand in writing the Sheppard Bill which helped lead to the 18th Amendment. So, now you know.

The place is super cozy with nice plush booth seating and shuffleboard!

During my visit, I tried the Raspberry Wheat called Razzmanian Devil. I'm a sucker for a clever name. My friend tried their hard seltzer, also cleverly titled, Losing Our Rinds.

Wise I has also partnered with some breweries right here in Sioux Falls as well. They've collaborated with Woodgrain and Fernson.

Speaking of which, my inside sources are telling me that for Wise I's one year anniversary coming up in September, they are bringing back their Triple Berry Pie Sour! When Wise I first opened, that beer was their collaboration with Fernson.

Wise I Brewing Company

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