Any personal experience with hitting critters with your vehicle? Your story probably just got knocked down a peg or two by this turkey tragedy.

In a tweet submitted by the South Dakota Highway Patrol on Thursday afternoon, two pictures tell the tale of a driver getting an introduction to a wild turkey who was flying too low or high depending on your point of view. The windshield and the unfortunate fowl both were placed out of commission by the contact somewhere south of Summit, South Dakota on Interstate 29.

From a forensics aspect, there are a lot of things to digest when you examine the photos in a stand-alone fashion. The driver was lucky that the impact was on the passenger side of the windshield because the turkey didn’t bounce off, but breached the glass and came all the way through before resting on the floor boards. It was likely flying from left to right from the way the windshield was caved in which might (but probably not) have allowed the driver to slow down a bit because that bird came across right in front of the occupant and in the line of sight.

Any way you look at it, about two feet either way would have made the damage markedly different. Then the turkey could have just grazed the roof by going high or denting the hood with the grille getting a beating with a lower flight path.

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