Here's a story that will make you scratch your head a bit. A Minnesota man got into someone else's pickup truck, got out, fled the scene and crashed twice. It's a lot but I will break it down for you.

It's the latest weird crime to make headlines this summer and there have been quite a few! Earlier this month, a dumb thief from Minnesota allegedly stole a business van from a Minneapolis neighborhood. It was such a bright van that the owner spotted it while out and about, chased it down and caused the thief to flee while leaving an unlocked cell phone in the passenger seat.

At the end of May, another weird story hit the press. A Minnesota man was busted trying to read and get a tan on top of an elementary school in Savage. He was cited for trespassing but not before causing a stir first, sending the school to shelter-in-place.

See what I mean? It seems there have been more weird crime stories hitting the headlines as of late. Maybe our long winter had something to do with it. Now, there's another very wacky story to add to the list. Buckle up for this one, pun intended.

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This story went down in Willmar, Minnesota. Willmar is about four hours from the Twin Ports and thankfully so. It all began in the parking lot of a grocery store, where a customer called the cops after noticing a random man in his truck.

According to WCCO, this all went down in the early afternoon during the first week of June. The man eventually got up and into his own car, fleeing the scene. However, that isn't where the story ends. Officers were called two more times regarding the same person: once for getting into a crash with another car and another for hitting a street sign.

A third call to officers came after someone spotted the individual pushing the car in question into a parking spot at an apartment complex. WCCO reports they had already started following "a trail of car parts and fluid leaking" in an effort to find the person in question.

Eventually, a 23-year-old man was arrested. At first, he gave a fake name, instead giving the name of one of his family members before coming clean. What a wild story from beginning to end. Alcohol played a role, according to the report.

In early June, a Brooklyn Center woman got angry while waiting in the drive-thru of a Taco Bell. She was reportedly yelling at the car in front of her for going too slow and hit a pedestrian while fleeing the parking lot.

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