The summer tourist season is fast approaching here in South Dakota.

If you have Custer State Park in your summer vacation plans, the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks wants to remind you that wild buffalo aren't the soft, cuddly, friendly animals they appear to be.

In fact, they can be downright dangerous and deadly if you are not extremely careful.

KDLT News is reporting the best way to view approaching wild animals in state parks is from inside a vehicle.

Interpretive Program Manager for Custer State Park, Lydia Austin, told KDLT News that large animals may appear docile, but they’re actually wild and hard to predict.

Austin said the park has seen an increase in tourist-buffalo interactions over the years. During 2016 alone Custer State Park experienced four goring events that caused injuries.

Now would be a very good time to share that information with the entire family. Remind them that it's never a good idea to try and take a selfie with the wildlife in state parks. Especially the larger variety. You know, the kind that weigh about 1200 lbs more than you do.

Be smart. The last thing you want is to spend your summer vacation taking selfies from a hospital bed.

Source: KDLT TV

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