During the month of April, police cruisers in Sioux Falls will have a different look about them. All this month, law enforcement vehicles in the Sioux Empire will be displaying a "teal ribbon" to help create awareness for Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Dakota News Now reports, the special awareness program is a partnership between the Sioux Falls law enforcement community and the Minnehaha County Family Violence Council.

The teal ribbons were placed on Sioux Falls police cars on Friday (April 9) and will remain prominently displayed on squad cars throughout the entire month of April.

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Someone is sexually assaulted in the U.S. nearly every 73 seconds, Kelli Peterson, the President of the Family Violence Council, told Dakota News Now, “We want the community to know we care about victims we want them to be safe and report sexual assault cases when possible and have the resources available to them.”

The ribbons being placed on police cruisers isn't the only thing the council plans on doing in April to draw attention to Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The council is also sponsoring additional events in the area throughout the month that will help to raise awareness of the sexual assault problem that continues to plague the nation.

A list of all the different events planned will be posted on the Minnehaha County Family Violence Council's Facebook page.

Source: Dakota News Now

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