Now today isn't national cookie day (that's on December 4) but it is Friday and that's reason enough to celebrate in our opinion! So if South Dakotans want a cookie fix what is their favorite go-to?

Well, thanks to Eat This, Not That! who wrote a story about the study that was done by "the one and only Nestle Toll House" we now know which states prefer what cookie crumbs above the others thanks to the "survey on the most popular cookies in America."

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South Dakota's favorite cookie was the classic chocolate chip cookie. Our neighbors to the North in North Dakota agreed with us on this decision as they also enjoy chocolate chip cookies along with Minnesota.

Want to guess Iowa's and Nebraska's favorite cookies? Get ready for this shocker. They also preferred chocolate chip cookies too.

So if you get invited to a get-together anywhere in the Midwest and need to bring something it sounds like a batch of chocolate chip cookies are sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

Although two states' favorite cookie sounds quite interesting they might be quite delicious in the fall.

New Hampshire and Oregon love their pumpkin spice cookies. Who would have thought pumpkin pie cookies with that classic spice taste would be a favorite huh?

However, in Texas, they have an interesting cookie they like to call a cowboy.

A cowboy cookie according to Eat This, Not That! has "oatmeal, chocolate, chips, pecans, coconut, and brown sugar."

Source: Eat This, Not That!

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