Every now and then you see something that doesn't quite compute in your brain. The logic of the activity doesn't make any sense. The positives can't possibly outweigh the negatives. And then you find out there is a huge number of people who defy this logic. That's what my wife and I learned over the last 24 hours.

Yesterday while taking kids to school my wife Crystal was passed by a woman who was driving a large SUV and drinking from a regular ceramic coffee mug. The type of mug you would drink from sitting at your kitchen table or sitting on the porch.

She was dumbfounded. She could not imagine why someone would willingly choose to use that type of container when the technology of the travel mug, which has a lid to prevent sloshing spills, exists.

She posted this on her Facebook and asked which of the two containers people would use while driving. Most did say that they would use the travel mug. But a surprising number of people did say they use the cup with no lid.

This morning on the air we talked about this and nearly half of the texts we received were from people who don't use a travel mug. I was completely dumbfounded. I use a travel mug that not only has a lid but seals up like a thermos and has a button to allow drinking and a lock for that button to prevent accidental opening of the drinking hole.

The only reason that made sense to me given for using the regular cup is that it tastes better than a travel mug. I totally agree, drinking from a regular cup is just better than almost every type of travel mug. But it doesn't have a lid! You have to have a lid, right?

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