Friday night, while you were hitting a happy hour, or a full priced drink hour, celebrating the end of a long week, I was sitting in a waiting room with hospital pants on.

Don't worry, it was just for an MRI on my foot. Bunion fun!

They are so stupid looking, aren't they? I understand the function of them. But why must there be the smattering of little logos or flowers or whatever the hell was on these pants I was wearing?

Doctors and nurses wear scrubs. They are way cooler looking than the patient pajamas we're forced to wear. They have a different function but I don't see nurses with goofy little designs three inches apart?

They need to be loose fitting and easily removed in an emergency. What a martial arts uniform? I had one for tae kwan do. It was awesome! It looked cool as hell! I made it to yellow belt, patients could either wear the belt they earned or just wear the white belt. Still cooler than these things.

I don't necessarily think this is some injustice, but more of a curiosity. Why are hospital pants so stupid looking?

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