When I was a kid, so many mornings were kickstarted with a nice bowl of video game cereal. Not cereal made from video games, but a cereal based on video games. To be honest, it was mostly the art on the box that was exciting. Oh, and some vague video game character shaped marshmallows.

Anyways, I'm getting away from the point. Which is, why don't I see this anymore? This needs to make a comeback. Kids today would love it and goofballs like me would buy it as we try to recapture our fleeting youth.

Wouldn't it be great to eat some Halo Flakes? Or how about World of Warcraft Bits? Or a big bowl of Grand Theft Auto themed marshmallows? Or a Minecraft cereal, just a bunch of crunchy squares!

  • 1

    Nintendo Cereal System

    Mario and Zelda together! Fruity or berry.

  • 2

    Donkey Kong Cereal

    When I think of a giant gorilla, ladders and barrels; I think of a sweet crunchy corn taste.

  • 3

    Pac-Man Cereal

    I was obsessed with Pac-Man and remember begging for and eating this cereal.

  • 4

    Donkey Kong Jr Cereal

    Wild with fruit flavor.

  • 5

    More Pac-Man

    How about another.

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