It's Madden Season! The hit video game is set to hit shelves in a matter of a few weeks. Here are the highest-rated Minnesota Vikings players in the history of the game.

While the Madden franchise began in the late 80s and early 90s, it really took until the early 00s for the series to focus on player ratings. Now it's a yearly discussion on who the top players in the league are and what their rating should be.

One website has done all the hard work of going through the old games to collect all of the ratings of players. Madden Ratings has a collection of ratings dating back to Madden 98. Now, that being said, there isn't a whole rating list for Madden 97-01 but there is a list of the highest-rated players in each of those games.

The notable Vikings player from the "early rating days" is Randall McDaniel. He was 99 overall in Madden NFL 99. He is one of three Vikings in the history of the game to get the 99 rating. Joining him in that club is Jared Allen (Madden 11) and Adrian Peterson (Madden 25, 2014)

Here's a look at the top Vikings players by year (1999, 2001-2021) in Madden, along with their overall ratings courtesy of Madden Ratings.

Minnesota Vikings Madden Ratings All-Time

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