In a flower box adorning the entry to The Lincoln Lakes development in a rural area near Lake Alvin, nearly a dozen stolen road signs were discarded. Now, authorities are looking for tips as to who took the signs.

The thief or group of thieves may have seen it as a funny prank, but not having a stop sign posted at an intersection could be deadly.

A Facebook post and pictures of the stolen signs helped to spread the word of the search.

"The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office took a found property report in the NE part of our county. Several suspected stolen road sign and political signs were discovered hidden away near a ditch. If you or anyone you know has information about the above crime, please contact the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office at 605-764-5651, send our Facebook page a private message or call Crime Stoppers of the Sioux Empire at 605-367-7007. /A23"

Lincoln County Sheriff (by permission)
Lincoln County Sheriff (by permission)

I was sharing this story with a friend recently and he recalled a family member who stole signs as a teenager, seeing it as a fun, harmless prank. I too had a family member who took signs as a teenager prank years ago. My mother called the authorities, who offered to pick them up, no questions asked.

I laugh when I think of how the Sheriff showed up to pick up the signs in the middle of a ladies bible study at our house. Nonetheless, the signs were on their way to being put back in place, saving the state money to reproduce the signs.

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