This Sunday you honor the guy who spent a good deal of time during your youth saying things like "Get off of that!", "Have you lost your mind?", "Well, if you didn't do it, who did?!", the classic "Go ask your mother!" and of course, "No!".

All kidding aside, if you had a father who loved you unconditionally, made time for you when you needed it, inspired you to be a good person, and to treat others just as well as he did, you're a lucky person.

Despite the fact that he tells terrible jokes, wears khaki shorts with black socks and brown sandals, has no idea how to cook anything he can't grill, and is a little lax about taking out the trash, he is a great guy. And, Sunday is the day, you should let him know.

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Besides the guy who is your father, was like a father to you, or is about to become a father, all of us have favorite dads who exist only on television.

How to Watch, a website that "helps you with everything you need to watch the TV you love", has compiled a list of Every State's Favorite TV Dad. They did this by making a list of all the TV dads and then putting the dads into Google Trends to see which state googled which TV dad the most.

There are two favorite TV dads overall:

  1. Jack Pearson from the NBC drama - This is Us
  2. Homer Simpson from Fox's - The Simpsons

South Dakota's Favorite Dad more than likely is no surprise. Charles Ingalls, portrayed by the late Michael Landon, on Little House on the Prairie is the television father that South Dakotans love the most.

To see the complete list of the Favorite TV Dad in Each State see How to Watch online.

Source: How to Watch

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