Any dad can stand his ground with the best of them. Indoors or outdoors. On the road or the water. With a golf club in one hand or a fishing rod in the other.

And, with those few things in mind how about a little friendly border comparison between South Dakota and Minnesota?

Let's begin with biking. I'm throwing this one to the east. Minnesota is the 2nd best bike-friendly state. No contest.

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When it comes to fishing, you may see this outcome as a wash. South Dakota has some of the best walleye fishing in the country on the Missouri River. Many Minnesota residents make the trip along I-90 for our state fish. On the other hand, our neighbors rule the Ice House in the wintertime.

If your dad lives to ride and rides to live, then we have hundreds of miles of wide-open space. Not like the overcrowded highways of Minnesota.

In Minnesota, hunters purchase a license to bag a bear. To the South Dakota crowd, we choose to purchase a ticket to Bear Country in the Black Hills.

For Dad's culinary choice, there is Chisilic and Mountain Oysters vs Tator Tot Hotdish and anything fried on a stick. I think you know where you can find each of them.

There's nothing like a beer after mowing the lawn or cleaning fish. I'll tip my glass to the historic breweries of Minnesota.

Minnesota is home to 10,000 lakes. (give or take a few dozen) South Dakota is the home of 10,000 stock dams. (give or take a few hundred)

The pheasant is king here in South Dakota where hunters from all over the world flock to hunt our state bird every fall. In Minnesota, the loon is the peaceful background chorus that lulls you to sleep up north.

Getting away for a weekend means loading up the 5th wheel for a state or private campground. More Minnesotans have a cabin. And, most can pass a beer to their neighbor's cabin through the window because they build on top of each other. Advantage - South Dakota.

Fall time is meant for the State Fair. Rides on the midway. Live main-stage entertainment. The smell of food coming out of a deep-fat fryer. Guess who takes this one?

Okay, Dad, it doesn't make any difference which side of the border you live on. Both have great things to offer.

Happy Father's Day!


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