As two cities separated by about one hour share the same first part of their name, the last part isn't the only thing that makes Sioux City and Sioux Falls different.

Even though North Sioux City is located in South Dakota, Sioux City itself is located in Iowa while Sioux Falls is located in South Dakota.

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As much as both cities like to give each other grief about who is better, I found myself asking the question the other day, "Who got their name first, Sioux City or Sioux Falls?"

Sioux City was originally known as Thompsonville when it was founded by William Thompson in 1848.

It was later incorporated in 1857 and named after another one of the developers of the territory in Chief War Eagle of the Sioux Tribe.

Based on the latest US Census estimates, the population of Sioux City, IA is 83,193.

Originally, downtown Sioux Falls was called Fort Dakota and was later changed to Sioux Falls and was incorporated in 1876.

As of 2021, the city of Sioux Falls has a population of 192,517, which ranks it as the 131st largest city in the United States.

So there you have it, Sioux City got their name first in 1857 and Sioux Falls later followed in 1876.

For more information on the city of Sioux Falls, job opportunities and information about upcoming city events, you can visit the cities website.

For more information on the city of Sioux City, job opportunities and information about upcoming events in Sioux City, you can visit their website.

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