We have all have seen the Sonic Drive-In commercial with the 2 guys sitting in a car eating their burgers, shakes, and chili dogs. But who are they? Well Sonic has been airing the commercials since 2002. And in 2004, Improvisational actors T.J. Jagodowski and Peter Grosz have become known to television viewers as the "Two Guys" in their series of commercials.

T.J. Jagodowski  is writer and actor who is also a member of Chicago’s Second City Improv Group. He has appeared in the Fox TV series, Prison Break, and a short lived series called Shrink. He’s also appeared in movies such as Stranger Than Fiction with Will Farrell in 2006, and most recently, Oz: The Great and Powerful where he played the “Quadling Mayor”.

Peter Grosz has appeared in several TV shows including The Colbert Report where he was also a writer. Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO, and Key & Peele on Comedy Central.

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