Sometimes compatibility isn't about astrological signs or your Chinese Zodiac animal. Sometimes it's about geography.

TIME magazine recently crunched the numbers to see which states are 'Soul States' - meaning when you marry someone from outside your state, which state's residents are you most likely to end up with.

For South Dakotans, our hearts are drawn to North Dakota.

According to the numbers, South Dakota - North Dakota nuptials are 10.1 times more common than the national average.

Sadly, the Peace Garden State does not reciprocate our affections. North Dakotans prefer Minnesotans 11.2 times more than the national average and Minnesotans like North Dakotans 11.2 times above all other states.

That makes sense when you factor in border towns like Fargo/Moorhead and Grand Forks/East Grand Forks. But in Iowa and Nebraska, which share bordering towns in Sioux City/South Sioux City and Omaha/Council Bluffs, the interstate attraction isn't nearly as strong.

Iowa and Nebraska are each other's 'Soul States', but to a much lesser degree. The Nebraska to Iowa attraction is 6.5 times the national average, the Iowa to Nebraska preference is 6.47 times greater.

All of those numbers pale dramatically in comparison to the nation's most torrid love affair- between New Hampshire and Vermont.

New Hampshire are more than 20 times more likely to marry a Vermonter than the national average, while Vermonters are 19.8 times more likely to tie the know with someone from New Hampshire.

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