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Sioux Falls Woman Brings Cookie Co. to Town

Sarah Storm is a businesswoman herself who has been a "professional photographer, graphic designer, and in e-commerce home decor." She is a follower of other people's businesses from their beginnings to success and has always been fascinated by them.

She began following Cookie Co on Instagram even before they had their national launch. Then Covid happened and everything stayed online for a while, then the California couple who came up with the concept opened a storefront in their hometown and it was an amazing success.

Here in Sioux Falls, Sarah Storm was cheering their success and requested a box of cookies from them.

We had them send us a box of cookies in May, and by the time they shipped, they were four to five days old, and they were still fantastic.- Sarah Storm

The cookies were so delicious, that it was enough to convince Storm to begin franchising the business.

Cookie Co. will Open at the northeast corner of 69th Street and Cliff Avenue in a retail center that will include Starbucks and Year Round Brown.

Storm touts the fact that the cookies have real ingredients, like real butter, and real eggs, and that's what makes them so unique and so delicious. She admits they might not be healthy, but they are certainly yummy!

Their famous cookie is an oversized chocolate chip one and then they rotate 3 flavors, like "frosted sugar, pineapple upside down and raspberry cheesecake" every week.

The store may open at the end of this year, but it's more likely to be early 2023 before you'll have a chance to try Cookie Co.'s offerings.

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