If you can remember all the way back to two weeks ago, I asked for the public's opinion on which new glasses I should get.

The choices were:

And the winner of the vote was the glasses in the picture right above. However, I did have a disclaimer that I would have the final say. So, the glasses I actually purchased and will have in my possession for at least two years are:

Natasha/Hot 104.7
Natasha/Hot 104.7

These glasses actually came in last place in the vote, but they were secretly the ones I wanted the whole time. Also, the pair that won the vote were too similar to my old pair and if I'm gonna get new glasses I gotta mix it up a little bit.

However, my new specks must not be as different as I thought, because I actually have been wearing them for three days now and only one person asked if they were new. So, there ya go.

Anyway, thanks for your help everyone.

On to my next big decision, what should I wear to meet Jesse McCartney?

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