I'm not sure I had them in kindergarten, but I know I did in first grade.


Yep, I've been wearing them all (OK, most) of my life. I never did go the contacts route. I'm not sure why, but it might have had something to do with sticking something directly on my eyeballs. It just wasn't...well, me. And now as i walk around with an older guys skin and bones, I think I'll just keep the spectacles perched on my nose.

Anyway, turns out I'd be in pretty good company if I was wearing specs in kindergarten these days.

According to a report from CBS News, the American Optometric Association says 25% of kids already wear, or need, glasses by the time they enter kindergarten.

There are obvious reasons kids need the extra eye-help. Things like eyes that don't stay straight, eyes that wander, poor tracking and the like. The Doc's say it's important to address eye problems early.

So if that little one of yours needs glasses, tell 'em they're not alone. They're going to have friends that wear them, too. Oh, and best of luck to all those kids in school this year.

Go get 'em kids!

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