When it comes to comfort food, nothing beats a good grilled cheese sandwich. But where in South Dakota can you find the best in the state?

I mean it's not really that difficult to make a grilled cheese: just bread, cheese, and heat. But some restaurants specialize in making delicious gourmet grilled cheese and according to USA Today, the best place in the state is less than an hour from Sioux Falls!

The site states that Old Market Eatery in Brookings makes the best grilled cheese in the Mount Rushmore State. Old Market Eatery features a fabulous variety of handcrafted cuisine and cocktails made with local ingredients. The article goes on to say that:

"A bake shop and live bands are two exemplary add-ons at this Brookings venue, where in addition to burgers and beer and all kinds of comforting offerings, creative melts abound. Those looking for something a little more South Dakota-meaty won't be disappointed. Try a BBQ pulled pork melt instead.

So the next time you are up in Brookings, swing on by the Old Market Eatery and grab yourself a grilled cheese sandwich.


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