Today, April 12 is National Grilled Cheese Day. My wife, Heather, was totally stoked it was raining today as she claims that a rainy day pairs best with grilled cheese and tomato soup. I think she's right (There...I said it :)

And it's not just on the kid's menu anymore. The ultimate comfort food has quite a following, too.

We started scoping online menus to find ultimate grilled cheese sandwiches and set out to celebrate the day.

We found ourselves at Starz on 57th, where they feature a Grilled-Cheese burger. Throw a retro Hamm's beer next to it and you've got date night. If they listed the calories next to the burger on the menu, I didn't look. I couldn't. After all, I skipped out on my workout class for this journey so why add a bummer? I'm pretty sure it was 75 calories. Let's go with that.

We also found out that  - and this was a total surprise - that Cheese World on 69th will make an Ultimate Grilled Cheese for you to go if you call ahead. They have great beers there, too. These are "to go" as well. Apparently, you can't just hang around in a cheese store and drink beer.

Normally, we would have mentioned Chedd's on Phillip's here. But they closed last year. That's too bad. They had a good thing going.

Red Robin also ranks right up there. They totally disregard the rules of grilled cheese by actually putting cheese on the outside of the sandwich. What kind of cheesy witchcraft is this? It's super crispy and is my wife's favorite in town.

Zoup! on 41st has a 3-cheese and pesto snuggled between french bread that's to die for. There isn't a bowl of soup in Zoup's that this doesn't go well with.

Ready for Sickie's yet? It's great a with a plethora of specialty burgers, and yes...they have a "Adult Grill Cheese" that has melted provolone between Texas toast. I haven't ordered it yet. I still have 9 burgers I haven't tried yet. Again, to heck with calorie counting.

Grilled cheese sandwiches are also available at Perkins, Fryin' Pan, and every truck stop between Sioux Falls and Pukwana. Just make sure to pair it with a good soup. Especially on a rainy day.

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